Shopping cart with a smart card reader – consumer driven

1- Introduction: Importance of offering innovative product (shopping cart with a smart card reader). How can an innovative product (shopping cart with a smart card reader) fulfill the needs better, etc. Importance of a good pricing strategy. Role of pricing in customer choice, etc.
2- Product strategyo Good or service, consumer good identify if it’s a good or service and explain moreo Product levels – cure needs actual – additional products and serviceso Product classification-whether consumer good (convince good, shopping goods, specialty goods )o Product variants, brand name, etc.o Present the product prototypedesign how your shopping cart – how the product looks like.o PLC strategy
3- Pricing strategyo Cost-based, value pricing, skimming, penetration, etc.o Which strategy/strategies will you use for your innovative product?YOU NEED TO DECIDE WHICH STRAGEY DID YOU CHOOE AND WHY4- Conclusion0% plagiarism