Short Account of the destruction of the indies by Bartolome de las Casas

Make sure that your essay has an introduction paragraph, with a thesis statement, and a conclusion paragraph, summing up the essay. An introduction will introduce the reader to the topic, in this case the book A Short Account and the writer, Las Casas.

Anthony Pagden, in the introduction, makes the statement that Las Casas wrote this book, A Short History, and his other book, History, to persuade his king to act against the atrocities being committed against the native Indians (Las Casas 2004, xviii). How persuasive is Las Casas in his attempt to appeal for fair treatment for the native Indians? Make sure that you give examples either for his persuasiveness, or against his persuasiveness.

Pagden also states that another reason Las Casas wrote A Short History was to serve as a petition for justice (Las Casas 2004, xxxii). In what ways does this book serve as a petition for justice? In other words, what compelling examples does Las Casas give for the need for justice for the native Indians?

Compare what happened on Hispaniola to what happened in Cuba. Were the atrocities similar? Or were they different? Be specific and make sure to give examples.

You must support each of these three main points with evidence from the book
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