Should Sex work be legally regulated in Australia

Citation style guide (very important – please don\’t hesitate to contact me for clarification):

Starting point research:

Amanda Foong, The Prostitution Debate: Breaking Down Barriers (2008) 33(4) Alternative Law Journal 205-208.

Christine Harcourt, Sandra Egger, and Basil Donovan, Sex Work and the Law (2005) 2 Sexual Health 121-128.

Ronald Weitzer, Legalizing Prostitution: Morality Politics in Western Australia (2009) 49 British Journal of Criminology 88-105.

All references must be from peer reviewed/academic papers.

Research paper overview:

Paper should have a literature review and an original argument for the topic.

The literature review section of your essay should be between 1,250 and 1,500
words in length. For the purpose of this assessment your literature review needs to set out the current state of play in the academic literature around your issue.
Your literature review should not simply be a list of relevant sources or an
annotated bibliography, instead it should be a snapshot of the thinking and the
debate. Specifically, it should:
? Identify the main sources;
? Set out the major arguments raised in the sources;
? Describe how the various sources relate to each other (points of
agreement, points of disagreement, points of variation).

The argument section of your essay should be between 1,500 and 1,750 words
in length. Whilst your literature review sets out the current state of play in
the academic literature around your issue the argument section is your own
contribution to this issue. What you choose to argue is up to you and your
views on the issue. The following questions are merely guides that might help
you formulate your argument:
? Is one aspect of the debate in the literature more persuasive than the
others? If so, why?
? Are any of the key arguments around the issue flawed?
? Does the law accurately reflect the current state of thinking?
? Has the current literature overlooked an argument/issue that you think
is important?
Your argument is a critical response to the literature, and thus should engage
with the relevant sources.