Should the legal driving age be push down to 17 in Victoria, Australia.

Write a FEATURE ARTICLE on whether the legal driving age be push down to 17 in Victoria.
In this feature article, I\’d like you to show the teenagers view on the issue.
I will insert a couple of articles ( please follow this information ( rephrase) and also make up some quotes from teenagers and car schools about the issue. The angle is they support the age to be lowered down to 17. When writing the quotes, make them up and then insert who they should be from ( student, car school teacher, etc) I will fill in the names later.
Grab information from stats that are available on the internet but no quotes from vicroads etc. All quotes can be made up from the teenagers and car schools itself.

Here are examples of the articles to follow. Please know that this is a human interest article, so catching title, information, quotes and angle is important. Please have a look at examples below.