Smart transport

Technology and the sharing economy have converged to produce a number of new forms of transport, including, but not confined to, car sharing, Uber, RideShare, bike sharing, autonomous cars, electric vehicles and the like. Write an essay that critically assesses the sustainability potential and planning implications of one of these.
You are not expected to conduct primary research for this essay. Rather, you are to use academic and grey literature to build your argument. The reference list below is a starting point, though additional references will also be expected.
Expected word length: 2500 words
This is a literature review that requires a critical analysis of a series of scholarly articles to answer the question:
\’What are the sustainability potential and planning implications of technology and/or sharing disruptions to transport\’
Here are some tips for preparation of your essay:
There\’s no specific requirement for the number of articles to read and critically engage with, however you\’ll need to provide a convincing answer to the question.
Please structure your assignment using an introduction, body and conclusion.
Please use the Harvard system for referencing (this is an easy way to gain and/or lose marks so it\’s worth getting it right!). Look up the requirements of the Harvard system online – there\’s plenty of guidance out there.
Consider using subheadings for themes coming out of the literature. Write clearly.
Please proof read your work.
Please use Australian (British) English. See if you\’re unsure. Again, this is another great way to gain marks.
The aim of this assignment is to ensure you\’re familiar with evaluations of new forms of transport. Writing is a great skill to have as a planner and here is an opportunity to make it perfect.