Social Entrepreneurship: Husk Power Case

Thesis Title: Social Entrepreneurship for solving community issues: the impact of Husk Power in rural India.

The research paper should look into the impact social enterprises have on solving community issues, and lifting people from poverty.

The idea is to highlight the role of entrepreneurs in empowering communities and providing opportunities for people (especially in third world countries/impoverished areas) to thrive. Emphasize on the idea of providing people with opportunities to thrive, rather than throw money at issues (charity).

Motivation – works for the introduction and justification: I was born in Venezuela and have seen how my country was destroyed by bad economic policies which have destroyed the business environment. As usual, the most affected people where those at the bottom of the socio-economic hierarchy. The document most focus on the success these social enterprises have had in solving similar issues as the ones we encounter in Venezuela, and how they serve as an example to rebuilding the Venezuelan economy.