Social Media Activity Promoting Obesity Amongst Young Adults

For the research paper you will propose a hypothetical experiment involving a topic in Psychology. This experiment will have a hypothesis and one Independent Variable (with only two levels or two groups) and one Dependent Variable. You will collect research articles to support your hypothesis and explain why your study is relevant and write an APA style paper which will include the following sections: ? Abstract
o A concise summary of the key points of your research. o Your abstract should be a single paragraph double-spaced. o Your abstract should be between 150 and 250 words.
? Introduction
o The bulk of the Introduction is background literature on a topic.
? Usually known as the Literature Review. ? Provides a theoretical or empirical basis for the research. ? Make sure to provide enough information on the topic to be able to conclude that the research is important and that your hypothesis is reasonable. ? This is done using previous research conducted, found from Peer
Reviewed Journal Articles.
o The last section, usually the last paragraph or two before the Methods Section states the purpose of the research. ? The purpose can be summarized in a few sentences for each experiment.
? Some research papers include multiple experiments
? Your hypothesis is also included here.
? Make sure to clearly state your hypothesis as a prediction.
? Methods section
o Participants section (who is taking part in the study) ? Include where you recruited them from ? Their age (range, mean, and standard deviation)
? Gender proportions ? If you excluded any participants indicate why
o Materials section
? Describe all of the materials you used ? Be specific, do not just saying a computer or plastic cups
? Example: if you indicate that you used a computer you need to indicate what type of computer, its operating system, the manufacturer, what software you used, etc. ? If you are using a scale, test, or other measurement procedure created by another research make sure to cite it. ? If you did not create it, you need to give credit where credit is due.
o Procedures section
? Again be as specific as possible ? If I were attempting to replicate your experiment I should be able to do it with the instructions provided in your Procedures section. ? Do NOT just write a list.