Social Work Placement (research project written portfolio (personal practice framework)

Write for 1600-1700 words for the attached file called (Personal practice framework) based on my current placement work and mention all the things questioned from this file as an essay.

My Current Placement Background: I am a social work (Human service work) student and undertake my final placement. I am assigned by my university for undertaking internal placement in my university for project research. In the working agency (My University), I am doing a research project.

Description of my current working agency: The UniSA Agency is envisioned to function as part of the UniSA community Centre. It is a new established agency. The agency aims to identify and meet a real need in the community through a purposefully designed program or provide analysis to the interested topic by myself and develop the idea in the report to supervisor . Now I am doing a research report which is my interest regarding of two points: 1. ) Comparision of Hong Kong and Australia Age Care System and trend, make some altenative learned from Australia 2.) How Hong Kong age care relate to the value and ethnics of Australia standard in Human service (ACWA standard). Because I am Hong Kong students and my supervisor hope me show I can apply the knowledge I learn from the class after my graduation to help this certain group of people.

Generally, each placement students including me need to work individually for each one research project in the University office for project research and find the information by ourselvies.

Additionally, I have already attached the file which is the background of this research project and you can integrate this to do the work.

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