social work placement written portfolio

Write for 800-850 words for the attached file called (Regulatory framework) and follow the instruction (Analyze the legal, regulatory and statutory framework that underpins the rights of clients in your agency) I have attached another file just as an example for the similar format working at the other agency (Don\’t completely follow and copy ) Background: i am a social work students and assigned to my university for undertaking the placement. In the working agency i am doing different research project.

Description of my agency: The UniSA Agency is envisioned to function as part of the UniSA community Centre. It is a new established agency. The agency aims to identify and meet a real need in the community through a purposefully designed program or service. Now i am doing a research proposal which is relevant to gender based violence in Australia and according to my research proposal uploaded, write for 800-850 words based on the attached file\’s question called (Regulatory framework).