Sociological Approaches to Health

For this assignment students are going to choose a DISEASE of their choice
Introduction: in the introduction you are going to explain what is a disease and compare this terminology with the other one. You are going to give me your rational for choosing the disease you have chosen. You may give a brief history and contextualise the disease.
Development: you need to have three main parts in the development. The first one is to provide the typical medical information about the disease. In the second part you are going to provide a sociological explanation of the disease (your choice of theory). Finally, you are going to explain how the two perspective can give a better understanding of the disease. You need to identify, the differences and similarities between information and how they relate.
Conclusion: you are going to summarise the information that you provided. Try to convince me that both perspective are a necessity to understand a particular disease.

Citations and bibliography if none this will be considered as plagiarism and will be dealt accordingly

( choose any disease but I prefer more known to people like smallpox or Ebloa etc, so it has more materials to work with)