Sociology Report on a Health Issue

I have included the instructions on the course profile: \”students are to: provide a rationale defending their select of the key health issue; analyse the changing pattern of the health issue and its social and environmental determinants while demonstrating a critical understanding of the data used; make a recommendation related to the selected health issue, using a sociological theory and sociological concepts.\”

I was going to write a report on anorexia but I am really not very picky.

Must be an Australian issue with Australian stats and mostly Aus references. References should be no older than the year 2000.

Set up should be as follows:

– Thesis statement
– Rationale: 2 or more sources (journal articles or ABS)
o This explains why this is an important issue right now

– Social and environmental determinants to this health issue
– Basically just explain what youve been reading and why it is relevant

– Recommendations talking about sociological issues
– Social context
– From a few sources pls (reference and write what other people have said about the social context)