There are 7 questions you can choose from as followed below. You can pick one question out of the seven to answer. Please contact me if you have any questions and I will respond asap. It is a 2500 word essay.
1. ) How does Jrgen Habermas depict the colonization of the lifeworld? How should we respond to this?

2. )What has Michel Foucault contributed to our understanding of the social dynamics of power in society?

3) What has Pierre Bourdieu contributed to social theory through his account of our habitus?

4) What is the problem of patriarchy? What does this imply for sociological theory?

5) How are we civilized? In what ways can we become decivilized? How would you assess Norbert Elias contribution to the possible answers to these questions?

6) What is at stake in the globalization debate for contemporary sociological theory?

7) What is a \’postmodern perspective\’ in social theory? Is this desirable?