Sounding Board: Ideas for better tax regulation

This assignment need to be maximum 3000 words no more then that please. It\’s worth 40 marks and I need to have at least 30 marks from this assignment, the last assignment order end- up with low marking with resolute of failing the last assignment now this one must be at least 30 mark out of 40.if not I will fail whole subject which cost me $7.500.00 My professor is very ,very hard marker so I will including assignment marking sheet ,assignment instruction from professor and comment of last assignment too. I\’m doing master in Australian Taxation so it\’s Australian Tax law issues .1) It need to be written with (AGLC) style of referencing must be used. 2) The total word length for this assignment must not exceed 3,000 words (A4, 12-point font, double spacing). I will be penalised 1 mark for each word in excess of 3,000 words.
3).This assignment is designed to test; critical thinking skills, analysis of professional and ethical issues, research and technology skills, ethical reasoning skills and ability to answer the assignment completely and concisely in a logical and flowing manner. 4) Ensure your discussion is analytical NOT descriptive please. All so it\’s important to include in referencing, relevant academic papers too.