Space Shuttle Challenger Case Analysis Written Report

NASAs decision to launch the Space Shuttle Challenger on January 28, 1986 is an exercise is risk management gone wrong, with worst possible consequences. For this assignment:

Read the case study document. Consider and evaluate the following:
Risk Management Plan
Risk Identification
Risk Quantification
Risk Handling (responses)
Risk Control
Find other sources by conducting Internet research. There are many sources on YouTube, and other web sites including NASA.
Write a six (6) to seven (7) page analysis of the case.
Research NASAs latest manned space vehicle, Orion. What advice would you give to the project managers in light of NASAs history.

Formatting requirements:

The document should be created using the Times New Roman font, 12pt., double space, use headings and sub headings.

Cover page, including the title of the document, your name, the date, this course name and number.
Table of Contents
Executive summary that previews the paper (1 page)
Your analysis (4-5 pages)
Summary of the Orion project and your recommendations (2) pages.
Reference list (1 page)

Including the cover page, table of contents, and reference page, the document is to be approximately 8-9 pages.

All sources must be cited in the text as well as listed on the reference list. Source citations must be in APA format.