Specification of Material

Through the visits and analysis of the Chatham University provide a three-part CSI specification.If the Chatham University were be built again today, learn from its past to provide a specification that recognizes its history, but also advances to the present day. Through research, analysis and review, provide a thorough and complete specification for a product within the building chosen.Use this assignment to connect the specification of material with the physical nature and the reality of the selected buildingIt would be essential to become familiar with Master format and the 50 divisions assigned to materials as a basis.
Use this specification to understand the material in the its costs, history, installation, sustainable characteristics, aesthetic considerations, care and maintenance, shipping, durability, contact, etc.The student have to choose one topic, one of the following materials options :A) GLASSB) woodC)ConcreteD)PainthE) SteelF) LightingG) RugsI)AppliancesK) PlasterL)CaseworkM)DoorJ) Sealants/ CoatingDeliverablesA) PhotographAt Minimum, one drawing of the Material with its surrounding context.B) SpecificationProvide a three-part specification of the material. Format should be consistent with class standards.C) Notes pageProvide a description of the material. This is a place where additional Sketches or relevant information can be included. A manageable sample of the material or similar material may be included*the paper should include three main points which are the general: the located ..etcand product: ex glass made by …., and execution