Strategic Management

As the General Manager of your HOTS hotel, you have become increasingly concerned about what appears to be the beginning of an economic downturn, maybe even a recession. In general inflation is rapidly rising, unemployment is growing, industrial production is falling and retail sales are at an all-time low. You have made a decision to provide an initial briefing paper to your Corporate Office, initially raising your concerns and then going on to utilize at least two theoretical models in synthesis to recommend suitable strategies for the hotel to compete over the coming months.
The 1000-word brief must precisely outline your concerns about a possible economic downturn and then recommend a strategy/s for the short and mid- term future. You must demonstrate a strong critical argument for your chosen actions to ensure the hotel can survive the potential economic downturn. These actions must be justified through at least two key strategic management theories. Ensure you discuss each of the decision categories from the HOTS simulation and provide practical examples of suggested strategies. The brief must be presented to a standard that would be used in reality. You are to assume this briefing paper applies to your HOTS hotel.
*Your reference list must contain a minimum of 6 references. You may use a variety of credible references that would be suitable for this task. In-text references must be applied.