stress management

LU260 Stress Management for Working ProfessionalsFinal Paper – Part 1 Instructions and Evaluation CriteriaBefore you begin:• Choose a topic that was covered in this course or pertains to the concept of stress management. You may want to further explore a coping or relaxation technique that you used during the course OR you can investigate something entirely new.• You must have approval of the topic from the instructor prior to beginning your paper.• Anything that is not your original thought should be cited in the paper and placed on the reference page. See student resources for help with using APA style.Sections of Final Paper, Part 11. Introduction: Identify the topic you chose to investigate and why it appealed to you. (Max. – 5 points).2. and Evidence: Describe what is currently known about the topic, citing your sources. You should have at least four sources, one of which may be your textbook. One of the sources should be an actual research study. (Note: WIKIPEDIA may not be used as a source). (Max – 20 points).3. Application: Discuss how this topic can be used in managing stress based on the evidence as well as personal experience (if you have had any). (Max. – 10 points).4. Takeaways: Relate what you learned from writing this paper and how you may use this learning. What questions has this topic raised for you? (Max. – 5 points).5. Reference List.This part of your final paper should be 6-8 pages in length double-spaced with standard margins and 12 font. Each page should be numbered. Each section should have a heading. Your grade will be based upon your thoughtful description of each of the four sections listed above in the appropriate section. The quality of your writing and appropriate use and citing of references will be added to Part 2 for a maximum total of (15 points).