Study Analysis:Research Design Evaluation

You evaluated research designs and assessed the validity of your selected studies in the previous weeks, and should be familiar with the research design and be able to determine its usefulness.Analyze both studies you selected in Week 1 and utilize the information you gathered in the Week 3 Study Analysis: Critiquing Research Designs and Week 4 Study Analysis: Testing Validity assignments.DIRECTIONSFor each study, write a 525-word evaluation of the research design. Discuss whether the design was appropriate and why.Include five APA-formatted references. You may include the articles you selected in Week 1 and Nursing Research as sources.Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.**All papers should have a Turnitin report under 15% or a penalty will be deducted (25%) per the plagiarism email in the Instructor\’s announcement. If papers have greater than 50%, the assignment will receive a \”0\”.Any papers that do not have a reference page, are not cited in the paper, contains direct quotes, or uses first person will