Summarize five different reputable sources concerning a topic related to the last 400 years in Western Civilization.

In this project, you will need to find, review, and summarize five different reputable sources concerning a topic related to the last 400 years in Western Civilization. You may choose any topic related to the coursework that you like, but careful selection that is neither too large nor too focused is suggested in order to ensure that your summaries can effectively discuss the topic and so that five qualified sources are available.Your five sources need to fit the following criteria: At least one primary source: a document, object, or other material directly related to the topic and time. This should be a document that provides a first-hand account of your topic without previous knowledge of the event. Examples may include newspapers, diaries, letters, film, records, or speeches. At least one current, relevant article: an article published in a reputable periodical within the last five years. At least one peer-reviewed article: an article from a respected publication put out by universities, historical societies, or another academic entity that has clearly identified the credentials of the author, reviewer, andpublisher. At least one published book: This can be in electronic or print form and from any time; be sure to research thepublisher, author, and year as that may influence bias. The duplicated medium needs to provide an opposite perspective than the other selection in that medium andcannot be found in the same publication or brand as any of the four other selections. Do not submit more than five sources; only the first five sources listed will be considered. The purpose of an annotated bibliography is to summarize the sources that you have gathered to support a research proposal project. These summaries help you to think about the complex arguments presented in your sources and the massive information therein in terms of short, digestible articulations.The submission in Unit III has the following requirements: Your chosen topic statement/intention related to the last 400 years in Western Civilization. Five selected reputable sources in 6th edition APA format (as outlined below) You are not required to submit annotations in Unit III. This will occur in Unit VI.The following conventions are expected to be followed throughout your project. Click here to view the annotated bibliography example for guidance: The entries should be ordered in alphabetical order according to the first substantive word in the reference list citation. The entire annotated bibliography should be double-spaced with no additional spaces between entries. No reference list should be included with the annotated bibliography as the entries themselves will contain thereference list citation information. The first line of each reference list citation should be flush left with the left-hand margin (no indentation), and thesecond and proceeding lines should be indented 0.5” from the left-hand margin (hanging indent of one-half inch).Levack, B. P., Muir, E., & Veldman, M. (2011). The West: Encounters & transformations (Vol. 2: Since 1550) (3rd ed.). New York, NY: Longman.