Summarize Research Articles

This is a continuation of the previews order I placed with you.

Write a summary of each of the articles that you identified in Topic 2.

Address the following:

1-Write one research summary that uses a quantitative research design.

2-Write one research summary that uses a qualitative research design.

3-Each summary should be 250-500 words and should follow the template provided in \”Summarize Research Articles.\”

Use APA Level Heading 2 to separate the distinct parts of the study.

These article summaries will form the basis of the Critique of Research Studies Parts 1-3 assignments in Topics 4, 6, and 8.

NUR 504 Summarize Research Articles

Directions: Use the templates below when summarizing your research articles. Include a cover page, and start a new page for each article summary. Use level 1 and 2 headings when composing the summaries to separate distinct parts.

Title of Quantitative Article

(Example of text: This article was authored by Watson and James and published in the Journal of Nursing Research in 2008. This article was selected as an example of a quasi-experimental design. The model summary selected for this paper is found in the textbook. This is a summary of a quasi-experimental study in which though there is a comparison group; subjects were not randomly assigned to groups. The research article being summarized also is an experiment that used a comparison group without randomization.)

Problem Statement

Statement of Purpose

Research Question(s)/Hypothesis

Study Methods

Key Findings


Title of Qualitative Article

(Example of text: Ramirez (2008) studied adolescent depression and the influence of significant adults on the course of the depression. The model summary utilized is found in the textbook. It was selected because it is an example of a grounded theory study as is the article selected.)

Problem Statement

Statement of Purpose

Research Question(s)


Key Findings