Summarized Literature Review.

Summarized Literature Review.Select one article that reflects a comprehensive literature review of the theory propounded by the theorist you have been assigned and summarize it. (Madeleine Leininger).• Summary should be one page in length. Begin the summary with the correct APA citation of the article.• The summary should contain an introduction, a synopsis of the article, and a conclusion that contains your own evaluation of the article and its relevance.Articles• Selection reflects research into the historical perspective of the theory.• Selection reflects breadth of research into the theory and its utilization and evaluation.Summary• Summary is articulate and includes the entire article.• Summary clearly describes the author’s perspective.• Editorial/personal response demonstrates critical thinking.Note: Points will be deducted for incorrect APA citation and poor composition.Note to the writer: I am going to attach a summary paper of a primary article from one of my classmates. It is just to give you an idea. Do not copy from it because it would be plagiarism. Please, choose the same article but do the summary in your own words and follow the instructions. Be very careful with the APA style on citations and references because my professor is very strict and demanding with this.I pay for pages, but please try to not complete the whole second page because the summary should be one page long.