Summary and Analysis paper

Examine a variety of sites, blogs, or pages about the same belief in a mythical creature, paranormality, or conspiracy, focusing on how the visual elements work to sell and support the belief. If you are a visual person, this one is for you.

Summarize/describe the look (visual/sound/movement/design) of the set of web sites, blogs, or social media outlets you find. Focus on the similarities. You may print out screen shots to help illustrate (and to entertain your instructor).

Analyze how the visual and other elements work to illustrate the primary ideas of this set of believers. (Hint: to do this, you need to know the specific shared beliefs and ideas held by most of the believers.) Be sure to provide correct citations for the textual, visual, video and sound elements of the sites.

(1000-1250 words) Also write the reflection piece. See Below.

In a separate piece of reflection writing, using one of our ethical frameworks, think about the ethics of spreading such beliefs. Also consider authenticity, the units theme. Do the beliefs you encountered reflect an authentic reality? After all, none of this is presented as fiction. Make specific references to our Unit Two readings in deciding how your paper fits into this unit. (400-500 words)