Summative assessment for a mini unit in Social Studies

In part 2 of the course, we examined the process of assessment design, focusing on the mechanics of creating selected response items, written response items, and performance-based assessments. Your project will take the form of a performance assessment that will demonstrate how well you understand how to develop quality assessment items tied to learning targets.

Your task is to create a summative assessment for a mini unit of your choosing.
1. The first step is to define the topic and the learning targets for the mini-unit.
2. Once you have defined your learning targets, develop a set of knowledge propositions that reflect the content you wish to assess.
3. Develop a set of questions that assess students understanding of the learning propositions. You should include 15 selected response items ( selected from mc, true false, fill-ins, matching), 5 short answer items, and 1 extended response items)
4. Each of the questions should be identified as Level 1,2,3,4, according to Webbs Depth of knowledge criteria.
5. You should provide an answer key with explanations and a scoring guide and rubric for the written assessments.

The summative assessment should be formatted neatly and clearly in the way that you would present it to students. You do not have to use all of the types of selected response items, only the types that you feel would best assess the learning targets in your unit. You must include the 5 short answer items and one extended response item on your assessment. I will include a sample and will also be happy to answer any questions you have before or after class or by appointment.