Sustainability plans Essay

Critically assess the content and approach of city-wide sustainability plans.
You will produce a written report of 1500-2000 words.
This essay asks you to identify a city-wide sustainability plan and provide a critical assessment of it. To begin the essay you need to do two things.
First, identify a city. This can be any city in the world, BUT IT CANNOT BE AN AUSTRALIAN CITY. In choosing a city, you should make sure that it has a city-wide sustainability plan. Such a plan will likely have a variety of names a climate change plan, a strategic plan (with sustainability within it), etc,.
Your second task is to figure out the basis for your critical assessment: what are the criteria by which you will assess the plan. The UN Habitat Report on Planning Sustainable Cities (the report is also on iLearn) provides a good foundation. You might like to seek other sources if you like. One useful one is below:
K.Davidson and M.Arman 2014 Planning for sustainability: an assessment of recent metropolitan planning stratgies and urban policy in Australia Australian Planner, 51: 4, pp.296-306.
Your third task is to bring the first two tasks together: use your criteria to assess the relevant plan(s) for the city you have selected.
In terms of essay structure, use your criteria for what a sustainability plan should contain to organise your essay. I suggest spending about 500 words on your criteria, and the rest on your assessment. You will also need to include a short description of the context of the plan, but this should be very short.