sustainable waste management

Conference Workshop Theme \’Pathways towards Ethical and Just Climate-Resilient Futures
1.0 Objective
To create an integrated strategy for the prevention and management of litter, especially the illegally dumped rubbish to minimize the adverse effects on the environment ensuring climate-resilient futures.
2.0 Human and non-human climate justice issues
Involving the community in the recycling and sustainable waste management by empowering people to minimize waste, recycle, reuse and adopt sustainable consumption to minimize waste. This will minimize corruption injustices reported in the sector by influential persons.
3.0 Preparing for climate disasters
Poor waste management can lead to serious soil pollution which can be swept into water bodies and affect vaporization and climate change. The strategies sustainable waste management is meant to mitigate the adverse effects such as greenhouse effect associated with climate change.
4.0 Building capacities in people and places
Establishing strategies to educate and involve the community in the managing of waste, conservation of the resources and the adoption sustainable environmental practices.
5.0 Promising strategies and initiatives from around the world
The UNEP and IPCC are providing global policies and strategies to ensure high quality commercial waste management and recycling initiatives to achieve long-term goals in waste recycling and reduction globally