Sustainable Waste management

For this assessment task, you are invited to give a 5-10 minute oral presentation and publish a 2,000-word fully-referenced essay in the proceedings of a conference workshop entitled \’Pathways towards ethical and just climate-resilient futures\’.
You must submit via email a one-paragraph abstract (max. 250 words) for approval at least 2 weeks prior to the conference. You are encouraged to respond creatively to the conference theme. In your response, you may like to consider aspects such as:
Ethical dimensions of a particular adaptation strategy;
Human and non-human climate justice issues;
Climate vulnerabilities;
Preparing for climate disasters;
Building capacities in people and places;
Promising strategies and initiatives from around the world.
Please note that your topic must be different to your mitigation strategies e-presentation topic.
Your presentation should be solution-oriented (i.e. helpful in preparing society to respond
to climate change) and based on your 2,000-word essay….
NOTE: This 1page is just Abstract, when is approved I will contact you so you can now write the full essay for the presentation.