Swk 615 week 12

Sexual dysfunction can present a very complicated clinical picture. Etiology of these kinds of disorders can stem from medical, mental and substance use disorders. Why is the client\’s perception of the problem and how it relates to intimacy critical to clinical intervention?

How do you think these disorders can be internalized by the client and what implications does this have for treatment?

Please think about Sexual Dysfunction; There are many different symptoms that help us to accurately diagnose these Disorders. After reading about this disorder, how might social workers be able to differentiate this disorder from other disorders? Discuss your personal feelings about the likelihood or unlikelihood of misdiagnosing a person with one of these disorder. How could a social worker avoid misdiagnosing?

Female Sexual Dysfunction: DSM-5 EPPP Lecture Video by Taylor Study Method

Please use headings throughout the paper referring to each question.
Apa citing
use the textbook and a peer reviewed journal