Symbolism and Metaphor in Poetry

Read the below poem:Christopher Marlowe: THE PASSIONATE SHEPHERD TO HIS LOVE1600Come live with me and be my love,And we will all the pleasures proveThat valleys, groves, hills, and fields,Woods, or steepy mountain yields.And we will sit upon the rocks, 5Seeing the shepherds feed their flocks,By shallow rivers to whose fallsMelodious birds sing madrigals.And I will make thee beds of rosesAnd a thousand fragrant posies, 10A cap of flowers, and a kirtleEmbroidered all with leaves of myrtle;A gown made of the finest woolWhich from our pretty lambs we pull; 15Fair lined slippers for the cold,With buckles of the purest gold;A belt of straw and ivy buds,With coral clasps and amber studs:And if these pleasures may thee move,Come live with me, and be my love. 20The shepherds’ swains shall dance and singFor thy delight each May morning:If these delights thy mind may move,Then live with me and be my love.Discuss how symbols or metaphors are used in the poem you chose for this assignment.Identify the key symbol(s) or metaphor(s) within the work.Explain the meanings they convey to readers.How do these elements enrich the poem and deepen your understanding of its themes?