Systemic Management Paper

This is an MBA course for Systemic Management.

There are 5 questions should be answered accordingly (Questions Attached Below).

The Systemic Management course required to apply.

1- Identify problem.
2- Justify Metafore and choose system
3- describe the use practice of the system
4- critique the methodology applied
5- discuss how leader should deal with complex environment

Important NOTE:
Reference required (20-30)
About (3000 to 3200 word)
Only use Academic Articles

Now as below what required to answer (I attached file helps to write the paper please use the diagrams)

This is systemic Management course.
You will find the questions attached below.

What required from this paper.

The organization is about Qatar Petroleum, An oil & gas Company in Qatar that has upstream, downstream and refinery

The problem is due to the oil price down, the company went through restructure to reduce the cost of the manpower from 13000 to 9000 and established Human resources rules and policies without looking at the real issue on how they can make money.

Therefore, The problem is there is no Product development. They still sell the same product (liquefied petroleum gas, petrochemical naphtha, premium gasoline and jet fuel) while in fact they can provide more products if they invest.

The Metaphor of the organisation might be Brain (you should confirm this) and based on the diagram above.

There are 3 main department involve
1. Strategy: because they look at the long strategy run without looking at new visions
2. Commercial department they do not look at identifying new products
3. Refining department: they do not develop capabilities to develop new products.

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Conclusion is not required only focus on the questions.