Systems and operations management

There is no upper limit on sources, use as many \”reliable sources\” as you need, please do not use wikipedia.

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The Task is;
Perhaps the most dynamic aspects of systems and operations management is the development of supply chains. Good supply chain management can often create a source of considerable competitive advantage and, indeed, many businesses owe their success to the novel use of supply chain management strategies.

This assignment asks you to relate your knowledge of supply chain principles to an organisation known to you. It also asks you to critically review how these principles work with other aspects of systems and operations management to create competitive advantage.

The assignment requires you to research an organisation known to you. It can be the one that you work for or one that you have researched. In either case it is appreciated that you may not have in-depth knowledge of every aspect of the supply chain in question. The primary aim of the assignment is to show your ability to apply academic theory to practice and for this reason, reasonable assumptions can be made.

You may chose any organisation you wish but clearly, as the questions focus on supply chains the organisation should have one of these. Large manufacturing organisations are a good choice because they have substantial use of both materials management and logistics. Large restaurant and hotel groups may also be appropriate.
Your Task
You are a specialist in supply chain management and have been asked to review the supply chain of a company known to you. You have been provided with three tasks as outlined below. Each of the tasks is to be addressed in a report format.

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