Taiwanese art performances has more advantages in Asian

– 5-7pg (without the work cited. So with the work cited page, it\’s 6-8pg), times new roman, double-spaced, MLA format with work cited page

(minimum of 5pg, meaning you must fill the entire firth page in oder for the paper to be considered \’5pg paper\’. Also maximum of 7pg, meaning I won\’t read if the paper goes over 7pg.)

-Argumentative, Analytical, Opinion-based Essay (not factual or research paper)

-I\’m looking for an essay that 1. has close reading & analysis and thick description.

and 2. follows AXES paragraphing (see the attached handout ***for those who missed the class, PLEASE come see me so I can give you a hand-out packet and explain AXES paragraphing, close reading & analysis and thick description)

-Topics must be approved by me.

-Be specific.

-If you\’re analyzing a scene from the play, you must read the entire play.

-If you\’re analyzing a selective moment from the performance, you must view the entire performance.

-I encourage you to use compare & contrast tactic.

-I encourage you to utilize recorded/live performances for your paper.

-If you need any help brainstorming or even picking/nailing down your topic, I can help you out. However, I am not going to look at your draft. Please go to writing center for more detailed editing & structuring help.
1. What is the topic/object of your analysis? (or What will you compare & contrast?)

2. What is your tentative thesis statement? (or What is your angle of analysis?)

3. Which specific scene or moment are you analyzing?

4. What made you select your object of your analysis?

5. What made you select the specific scene or moment of your choice?

6. Outline following AXES paragraphing.

Watch the show \”private and Formosa \”

Don\’t copy from internet