Teaching Culture in Adult ESL: Pedagogical and Ethical Considerations

YOU SHOULD WRITE NOTES TO YOUR ARTICLE, The notes may also critically analyze/evaluate the selected literature. Below are some questions for you to consider as you make notes on your references. The applicability of these questions depends on the type reference being reviewed. For example, an article may be presenting a theoretical framework. Data are not collected and claims based on data are not made. In this case, your notes are more about the theoretical framework presented and the role it might play in your research. What is the key focus and argument of the document?
What conceptual/theoretical framework does it use (neoliberal, feminist, etc.) and how has this shaped the author\’s argument?
What methods has the author used and are they appropriate?
Has the author provided evidence to back up the claims made?
What issues has the author overlooked, for example, gender differences, a historical perspective, questions of politics and culture, etc.?