Telemedicine IT Components

Telemedicine projects have been successfully undertaken for over fifty years, from the most basic use of a telephone to transmit medical data to complex applications within the extreme environments of Earth. Today, telemedicine enables physicians to provide opinions concerning a patient\’s medical condition within a physically separated environment. Read the Text 7 (file uploaded). Number the document from 1 to 8 and answer the following: 1. Explain the 2 technical challenges of a telemedicine project. 2. How might telemedicine-based services impact the overall cost of health care delivery? 3. What cost savings can be realized with telemedicine in industries, both inside and outside of health care? 4. How does the choice of telecommunications conduit, such as broadband, Wi-Fi Satellite, etc. affect what can be done through telemedicine? 5. How have advances in computer- and network-related hardware impacted the spread of telemedicine projects worldwide? 6. What might be a future application of telemedicine? 7. Explain the 2 risks associated with telemedicine. 8. How can those 2 risks associated with telemedicine be mitigated? Note: Do not write introduction & conclusion. Do not plagiarize. You can research on the Internet or books/journals & you can add additional references.