term group paper

The case follow up (what strategy changes and results have occurred since the case date) with two reference at least.The paper should be double-spaced, with all text 12-point Times New Roman. Margins should be set at one inch all around. Title page should include the company name (1/3rd from top), course number, team number, and group member\’s names (1/3rd from bottom). Pages must be numbered (bottom center) beginning with the first page of text material and there should be no running headers. References and in-text citations should follow the American Psychological Association\’s (APA) publication guidelines. Textbooks and non-authoritative references such as WikiPedia may not be cited. Papers should be stapled (no covers) and not include any art or graphics. Groups will present their findings to the class on the assigned date. Plagiarism will not be tolerated and can range from loss of credit for the assignment to a failing grade for the class. Serious cases can lead to University-level discipline. Both hard copy and digital copies will be turned in so that they can be filed with turnitin.com for originality checking.I will bookmark the case but just in case the case name is case 19 Tim Hortons page c-250. The book is called Strategic Management