1. In your own words, write 1 paragraph for each of the 5 Most Important Questions, summarizing your understanding of each, explaining why they are integral to strategic leadership. (IT should be 5 paragraphs 1. What is our mission? 2. Who is our Customer? 3. What does the Customer Value? 4. What are our results? 5.What is our Plan?)
2. Chapter 10 in the Cohen Book is entitled Ethics, Honor, Integrity, and the Law. Explain the Drucker philosophy in your own words, for each of these 4 terms and how these relate to developing strategy in leadership. (Explain the terms Ethics, Honor, Integrity and Law)
3. Chapter 12 in the Cohen Book is entitled Were All Accountable.
Answer the below questions using this Chapter 12
A) Explain who is accountable in any organization, who is never unaccountable and WHY, and how accountability provides a platform for driving strategies in any organization.
B) What are the benefits of having a written charter or performance contract?
C) What are the consequences if one is not in place?
Please submit your Midterm exam, 5- 7 content pages – NOT counting cover page or references page.
Make sure you have in-text citations in proper APA and a corresponding full reference page