Texas Death Penalty

The essay needs to be four pages long, and follow the listed guidelines on slides 51 and 52 of the powerpoint. All the material needed is on the powerpoint. I have also listed the paper requirements below:For your paper you are going to do the following:– Introduction Paragraph– I want you to write a few paragraphs on your reflections based on what you just watched and researched in this presentation – at least one page.– Read the case study that follows and tell me in at least 2 pages:• 1) Based on the facts presented in the following case study, if YOU were the District Attorney would YOU file a death penalty case against the defendant and fully explain your answer and rationale including your feelings on the death penalty.• 2) If a death penalty case were filed against the defendant father in the following case study do you think the defendant would be found guilty and get the death penalty – why or why not and fully explain your answer.• 3) If the defendant pled the insanity defense do you think the jury would accept it or reject it? Explain.• 4) Do you think the mother should be charged with a violation of Texas Family Code 261.101? Fully explain.– Conclusion ParagraphWhat will your paper look like?• Make sure you include an introduction and conclusion.• Make sure you address everything you are asked to address.• Make sure you use complete sentences, great grammar, and perfect capitalization and punctuation.• Make sure you spell check AND proofread.• The paper should be at least three (3) pages typed, double-spaced, 1 inch margins, 12 point font.• Any pages over three (3) pages are Enhancements – 5 points extra credit per page.