Text Analysis #3

TEXTUAL ANALYSES for Philosophy classThink of a textual analysis as a guide or a map that readers might consult before reading a text for the first time. Rather than merely summarize a text, in 2-3 pages, address the following three questions:(1) What is the main objective of the reading?Every author works with a particular objective he or she has in mind, even if he or she never states it explicitly or literally in the text. First, explain as clearly and specifically as possible the author’s main objective in the text.(2) What is the explanation?Next, explain how the author justifies and accounts for his or her objective. Do not just summarize the text. Instead, draw out the relevant points and show how the body of the text supports (or fails to support) its main objective.(3) What is your position?Lastly, you should raise questions as to the relevancy or the coherency of particular reasons the author provides to support his or her position. You should establish, with sound argumentation, your views on the issue discussed in the text.Some comment from the professor: \”When composing your textual analysis, you can feel free to turn to secondary sources if you feel that they will help you compose a better analysis. However, please be sure to cite all your sources properly. Also, if turning to secondary sources, it is best to use scholarly sources, so peer review journal articles or books.Remember, though, the textual analysis is ultimately supposed to be your take on the reading, so don\’t worry too much about trying to give me the \’correct\’ reading of the text. Instead, I want you to show me that you critically engaged and analyzed the reading.\”The topic is Week 3: The Great Contradiction: Race and American Ideals. Here is the text you need to read and video to watch.http://www.bartleby.com/114/ – Read only Chapter 1, 3 & 9http://masshumanities.org/files/programs/douglass/speech_complete.pdfhttps://youtu.be/Su-4JBEIhXYhttps://youtu.be/0mXc4qS3_x4https://youtu.be/31fc_sCfioshttps://youtu.be/K-oGc8Vo2EUhttps://youtu.be/TGOEED_MexIhttps://youtu.be/e2ebWDXmWK4