The Adventures of Beekle: The Unimaginary Friend

a short (5 to 7 minute) presentation or overview of a book to an audience who has not actually read the book. The book talker\’s main intention is to generate interest in the book and to get the audience to read it. While a book talk often includes a brief overview or summary of the book, the book talker should be careful to avoid revealing the ending of the book. Book Talk Assignment Requirements (answers the questions \”What are you looking for?\” and \”How are you going to grade this?\”) Again using the course book \”reading children\’s literature\” a critical introduction by Carrie Hintz and Eric L. Tribunella. presentation should include a brief overview of the book without giving the ending and some information on the relevant features discussed on pages 166 (beginning with \”How Words and Images Relate\”) through the top of page 174 of your course text. the Book Talk Should Include the Following Elements: General publication information: title, author, year of publication Recommended age level Brief overview or enticing snippets of the story — think of the book talk as a kind of movie trailer A brief discussion of any elements from the above-mentioned section of the course text that relate to your book Pictures! show us a picture of the cover and some representative examples from the book itself