The case investigation report of Plasticell

There are twelve parts to the case study,beginning with Part 1 (see attachment). Read each case study very carefully . A good investigator notes the detail and finds patterns or relationships that perhaps tell a different story to what appears on the surface. You will need to keep a hard copy or efolder of your own as you build your brief of evidence.

This case study will be used in a logical flow as the basic model for the fraud investigation. The case investigation report is based on the findings of the fraud investigation case study used in the unit. Consequently gathering evidence for the report should be a continuing feature of your participation in the unit. A fraud examiner is responsible for writing clear, accurate and unbiased reports reflecting the fraud investigation and fraud examination results.

The structure of the finished Case Investigation Report is:

1. Short introduction
2. Background (in final form, about 400 words)
3. Executive Summary (in final form, about 400 words)
4. Fraud Investigation Procedures (In final form, should be no more than 1200 words).
5. Recommendations (Remedial measures/specific recommendations/follow up action necessary or recommendedIn final form, 6. should be around 400 words)
7. Attachments (attach important documentation, exhibits )
8. List of literature you\’ve cited