The developing adolescent and counseling

Research paper 5-7 page summary of research findings on a topic related to counseling and lifespan development approved. ( resources should include 6-8 reliable sites, or combination of journal articles, books and sites) This is your opportunity to focus in depth on a developmental topic you would like to know about or something you think will help you in your future career as a counselor. The Juntunen Counseling Across the Lifespan text and web site are a good starting place. The student should read and reference reliable Internet resources and or journal articles may be used (6-8 sources). (The Juntunen website and text are a good starting point for ideas.) At least 6 sources (more is better) should be consulted on the topic. The student may refer to reliable internet sites and may also refer to journal articles and books. All sources should be scholarly, reliable, and reputable. The first page of the site or journal article should be printed out and handed in. References should be in APA format A 5 to 7 page summary paper combining information gleaned from all the various sites and articles is attached to the web pages. (Note: this is not a summary of each individual site or article but an integrated combination of the information from all of them.)