The dream\’s door: a case of a MNC in Poland

Assessment 2 – Case study questions

1. Discuss the standardization of organisational activity in DAK. Then critically assess whether standardisation should have been implemented as opposed to localisation.

2. DAKs plans are now to open factories in China. Discuss how you might assist DAK prepare for the challenge by;
(a) Developing a plan to prepare its managers for China
(b) Planning an appropriate reward and performance management system for its managers

Please note
Both question are of equal value
For your responses to each of the parts of the questions, use theories, frameworks and models studied in the ICHRM course to justify your arguments
Please use Calibri 12 and 1.15 spacing
A minimum of 10 references must include text and reliable sources. Avoid soft URLs and lecture notes as they are not to be used. List only the references cited in the body of your work and all references must be listed alphabetically
Use Harvard referencing style
The syllabus for this case study covers course objectives 1-6 (please see Course outline)