The evolution of selling: a study of historic and contemporary sales methods and attitudes

Write a REPORT based on the evolution of selling over approximately the past 100 years

Key changes back to late 19 century i.e. post Industrial Revolution, and also post 1st and 2nd world wars. (Many authors consider most changes occurred after the 1950s)
TIP.Map the key most impacting changes, which have affected the Seller/Buyer relationship& conduct research regarding the evolution of selling over these years.
Study historic and contemporary attitudes to sales and selling; current and past techniques, methods and attitudes towards selling
Discuss your findings and embellish your work with plenty of examples
Look at the CRITERIA SHEET on the next page to explore the criteria against which you will be marked to help you with your tasks and allocate time and effort accordingly!
Fill in and download a criteria sheet which you will find on Bb under Assignments and attach to your essay
TIPS: Students should look at a range of articles and books from your core text Selling & Sales Mgt. Jobber & Lancaster, and Selling Today by Manningham, Reece & Ahearne, as well as articles and books by authors such as Neil Rackham, (of SPIN SELLING fame); Rackham & De Vincentis, Rethinking the Salesforce; W C Moncrief (Evolution in the 7 stages of selling); etc. and any other independent research