The evolution of the depiction of human emotion in Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo art (painting and sculpture)

Assignment Objective
To create a well-researched, creative, and educational presentation (although there will be no actual presentation, just a submitted assignment) of a relevant course topic.InstructionsImagine you, a distinguished art historian, are going to give an educational presentation to an audience who has little to no knowledge of the specific subject.1) Create a visual presentation that would effectively teach one of the topics listed below. (CHOSEN TOPIC: The evolution of the depiction of human emotion in Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo art – painting and sculpture)2) The visual presentation should be in powerpoint form. The presentation should be between 10 and 20 slides, or contain an equivalent amount of information in a fewer number of animated (layered) Powerpoint slides.3) Information sources and quoted text must be properly cited on the slide using APA formatting. It should include labels and descriptive text.4) Included with the Powerpoint must be a separate written script (consider these the notes for your presentation, should you ever present it live) containing the information highlighted by each slide. This script must be in proper paragraph structure and not simply point form. The length of the written script should be approximately 1200 words (around 4 pages) in Microsoft Word.**The goal of the assignment is to produce a creative visual display that would best highlight the topic – its main points, and most important facts, and be not only visually interesting but succeed as an educational presentation as well. Marks will be based around the quality of the research and written script, the creativity of the presentation, and the clarity with which the subject is taught.*ALL sources must be put into a bibliography and cited in the essay where applicable. And you MUST use images with proper APA referenced label and including a descriptive analysis.