The Glass menagerie

Symbolism in The Glass Menagerie offers interesting discussion points. Williams includes many symbols that help develop his characters and inform the play’s themes. Write an essay in which you examine several of the play’s symbols and their importance to the theme that they support.Think past the obvious glass menagerie and its contents although you may, of course, discuss it, too.Whenever you are using a work cited make sure I need Annotated Bibliography also.Because i have 3-5 annotated bibliography Book name —(1)\”student companion to Classic writtens tennessee williams Nancy M.Tischler topic —\”the glass menagerie\”(2)Tennessee Williams A guide to research and performance edited by Philip C.Kolin \”topic -The glass Menagerie\” (3) Tennessee Williams A collection of critical essays edited by Stephen S.Stanton Topic-\”The glass Menagerie\”(4)Sixth Edition literature reading fiction ,poetry and drama Robert Diyanni Topic-\”The glass Menagerie\”