The Impact of an Financial Literacy Curriculum on high school students

Use peer-reviewed journal articles or books. Journal articles should be within the last 5 years.I have my own plagiarism account so I will run my own report.

Please follow instructions. You can google the curriculum to review the curriculum. It is only 9 modules for high school students that cover several topics.

My research question is this: Can a financial literacy education program ( improve knowledge and skills among high school students.

I need the following written:

Abstract: This should be 6-7 sentences.In the abstract, you can state this study was written for teachers, administrators, parents, business owners, community members to know the importance of implementing financial literacy programs. The results will show that the Everfi financial literacy program was effective and improved knowledge and skills in financial literacy.

Introduction Chapter: This should be about 1 and a half pages. Focus on writing about financial literacy in general and how (NEA, 2009) suggested about financial literacy. Also, mention what curriculum is what all the modules. Discuss this in detail.

Literature Review: This should be 8 pages. Please use these headings:

-Historical Perspective of Financial Literacy.

-Various U.S States High School Financial Literacy Mandates

-Discuss Alabama\’s Financial Literacy Mandate
-Benefits of providing Financial Literacy
-National Campaigns and Initiatives