The impact of enterprise content management on small and medium enterprises

This is a PhD level research proposal. Please find below a brief summary of the research. Please ensure that the proposal aligns with the summary below.
This study would take a longitudinal approach to studying Enterprise Content Management (ECM) on small and medium enterprises (SMEs). For this topic, the researcher would be considerable flexibility. The researcher could look at one particular content management strategy across multiple companies, or the choices that a few companies make when considering ECMs (case study research). It also offers flexibility in the context (e.g. in China, Europe, America, UAE, etc.) because there is limited research on the impact of ECM in this field.
No introduction is required.
The proposal should include
1) 4 research objectives (50-80 words max)
3) Hypothesis (10-80 words)
4) Literature Review (550 words)
5) Methodology – the methods and techniques to be used in the research including the gathering and analysing and interpretation of data/information) the reasons for selecting these methods given the subject area. (500 words max)
Ethical consideration: ethical consideration in bullet points (50 words max)
6) Timescale: A provisional timetable (3yrs) of the work through to the submission of the completed thesis, including, if relevant, the dates and expected length of any fieldwork to be undertaken abroad. (100 words max)
7) the relationship of the proposed research to the published literature and to current research in the field (how the project relates to other work). – 150 words
8) Contribution to existing research: The contribution to knowledge that the thesis is anticipated to make (what you hope to find out). (150 words max)

Haug, A. (2012). The implementation of enterprise content management systems in SMEs. Journal of Enterprise Information Management, 25(4), 349-372.