The Invention of Morel Adolfo Bioy Casares

Novella: The Invention of Morel Adolfo Bioy Casares
Website for the novella:
Lecture notes: I will upload them

There are 7 topics to choose from. Pick 1 topic and write a 5-6 page essay. Make use of the module notes and text. Give examples.

1. Offer a reading of The Invention of Morel that indicates that it is a romantic story. What comments on the mysteries of love/desire is the novella making.

2. Offer a reading that the novella is more of a sci-fi / fantasy story. What comments is the text making on technology and science?

3. Show how the novella is a reaction against 19th century psychological novels and their attempts to realistically represent human consciousness and existence.

4. Make a case that the novella is really about Dr. Morel. How do we come to understand Morel\’s personality and his invention? How does the narrator influence that portrayal?

5. Explore the reliability of the narrator and editor. Are they trustworthy?

6. Explore how the room the fugitive finds the invention in can be seen as a symbol of heaven. How is this image used to represent paradise? What comments on immortality is the text making?

7. Explore what the novella is saying about the nature of technologies like film/tv, and how these machines have changed our relationship with reality? Are these ideas significant today?


ped, double spaced. Include a title page.

Insure that an intro sets up the topic.

Design a detailed and debatable thesis to focus the discussion.

Define key terms.

Be analytical and illustrate your points with quotations from the text and example from the notes.

Include a conclusion.

Use lecture notes in the paper as well for evidicnce and book quotes

Book titles are italicized.

Give your own essay a practical and creative title.

Use quotations (from book, mod notes, etc.) to support your assertions. Proof persuades.

Once you SHOW the reader the quote, TELL them why it\’s significant. Explain its meaning or links to your point.

Have a thesis in the intro that focuses the issue. It can be a WHY or HOW question or argumentative statement. Make it specific.

Page Citations–parenthetical (45). You can use MLA or APA format.

Ensure that essay pages are numbered. Standard Font, Size 12,

If using literary terms, then briefly define them.

Avoid plot summary; analyze instead.

Spelling and grammar count. Make sure that your paper is carefully edited.

to cite the mod notes: (Wilson, \”Surrealism,\” 2364)

Use the \”I\” judiciously. The assignment is about the text.