The Madoff Affair – White Collar Crime

After watching the documentary \”The Madoff Affair, by PBS-Forntline\” which you can watch it through this link ( do the following:Choose (3 major White-Collar crimes) discussed in the documentary. Then, in essay form, perform the following tasks:1. Identify your proposed goal of sanctioning for each of these cases selected;2. Identify appropriate methods of sanctioning for each of the cases selected;3. Describe the various challenges and issues involved in defending the white collar offenders in the cases selected;4. Describe your chosen sanction for each of your selected cases;5. Identify the factors involved in your sentencing decisions.In the course of writing this essay, please draw extensively on the attached (STUDY GUIDES, you will find everything there).Please, do not retell the film plot. You have to answer the above questions, do not describe the plot or critique the film.