The need for data standards in Nursing informatics

The need for data standards in Nursing informatics.

Details of task: You will be required to
present an in-depth review and analysis of a current trend or issue related to Nursing Informatics. This analysis will be in the form of a 3000 word issues paper.

discuss the role of data standards and case mix in health informatics;

System (Semantic) Interoperability
Semantic Interoperability realtes to the ability of one computer system to communicate information and have that information properly interpreted by other computer systems. Importantly, these systems need to be able to do this whilst maintaining context (i.e. in the same sense as intended by the transmitting system). Semantic Interoperability requires that any interacting systems will arrive at the same meaning from the same information. Semantic Interoperability is also use in a more general sense, as the ability of any communicating entities (not only computers) to share unambiguous meaning. In this broader sense, the sender must be able to reliably transmit all sufficient and necessary information; the receiver must be able to correctly interpret its interlocutor; and both must be aware of, and agree upon, each other behaviors for given interactions.

Presentation requirements: You MUST submit your assignment in the following format:
Document Format: MS Word;
Standard font: 12 point Arial;
Justification: Left ;
Spacing: Double;
Standard Margins: Top and Bottom = 1.5cm, Left and Right = 2cm.


Is the introduction clear and succinct? Clearly outlines the topic areas to be covered. Review of the Literature

Is the literature chosen relevant/appropriate to the topic? Use of primary rather than secondary sources. Synthesis of Content Attempted to bring together various aspects of the topic as a coherent whole.

Logical organisation:

Clear development of the topic;

Logical development of the various aspects of the topic;

Grammar, Style and Referencing

Use of correct grammatical structures and appropriate \”academic style\” eg. Use of the third person; (i.e. it is written in a scholarly voice)

Holding to word limit;

Correct referencing style (APA 6)


Congruent with the issues raised in the report; Adequately draws together the issues raised.