The Red Cross

Digital Strategy of the Red Cross.

Researching the Digital Strategies Used on a Corporate Website

Requirements: Present your findings in a research paper format. You may use charts to display some of your findings. The paper should be about 8 pages doubled-spaced, size 12 font, and use APA. Cite your sources and provide the link for the websites in the reference section. (use three peer reviewed journals and four other credible sources) Wikipedia and internet searches may not be used.
1. Choose an organization or business to research. (The organization is THE RED CROSS)

2. Research the following:
a. History of the organization/business
b. Leadership (founder/current) issues
c. Mission statement
d. Vision
e. Motto
f. Reputation
g. Corporate social responsibility

3. What is the purpose of the organization/business? What is the product? Who are their target customers?

4. Does the organization operate on a community, state, nation, or global basis? How does that impact its communication?

5. What issues/crisis situations are they facing or likely to face?

6. Commercials/Ads on YouTube: How does this organization present itself?

7. Address each one of the questions below about the company\’s online communication strategies as seen in the organizations official
a. First Impressions: like/dislike? Ethos. Do you trust the information?
b. Are they True to the brand?
c. What us their Use of logo and colors
d. What is their mission/vision statement and do they display it on their site?
e. What\’s the Purpose of their website? Do they Inform, persuade, sell, educate, recruit, involve visitors?
f. what\’s the Target audience of web site
g. Is their website Interactive? Does it Involving the visitor?
h. What\’s their Use of social media: Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
i. Do they Use of videos on their website, or do they have videos on youtube?
j. Do they have a Link for visitors to comment or ask questions (interactivity)?
k. Do they have a Link for additional information on an issue (product recall or other issue)?
l. What\’s the Links related to a problem the company is experiencing?
m. Is there any Links to partnership with others in CR efforts?
n. Is there Links to CR or sustainability efforts?
o. Is there Links to Financial Reports/Investor Relations?
p. Is there Link to annual report?
q. Is their website in other (e.g., websites in other languages)

8. Evaluation/Using the text:
A. What is the company/organization doing well to communicate who they are and what they do using digital media?
B. What areas on their website need improvement?

9. Final Thoughts: What did you learn from your digital analysis about how organizations are using their official website and other media to communicate?